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CRM for Insurance

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a system designed to improve customer service and help your company successfully manage its interactions with clients. CRM is not only suitable, but necessary for any organization that is based on the provision of services and insurance companies are amongst the enterprises that can make the most out of implementing the program.

An essential aspect of the insurance company’s business is knowing who they’re dealing with. This means understanding who your clients are, what they need and how to provide them with the services they’re looking for. Given the rapid growth of competition in the insurance industry, improving customer relationships is amongst the most important steps a company should take in order to succeed.

A CRM can perform a wide array of services that can greatly enhance the quality of customer service, provided by an insurance company and help boost its profits. These services include providing a single database that stores all information about the clients, so your company can easily access important details and valuable insights into customer’s behavior. Each client has their own profile, based on information, provided by both internal and external sources. This might include personal information, such as family relationships, interests or preferences, as well as history of requests, calls, transactions and purchases.

The CRM software also enables insurance companies to sort and classify their clients into relevant categories. This helps accelerate data search, improves the speed of retrieval and helps you provide better, more accurate and relevant services to your customers. With the CRM solution, you can also store information about potential customers, which can assist you in creating, modifying and improving your marketing strategy. By using the invaluable insights provided, you can develop an effective action plan, suited to your particular target group, rendering better results and an increased number of new leads.

CRM also supports the existing customer database by sending notifications about the end of a contract with a particular client, so you can offer an extension or a purchase of new services that might interest your customer. It’s also an effective solution to keep in touch with old clients and, thus, extend your network greatly.

The CRM software provides you with the opportunity to monitor all client-related processes, including their activity and interests, as well as invaluable insights, based on extensive data analysis. As an insurance company, this information can help you adjust the goals or strategy of the company, suit your approach better to the needs and requests of your customers, effectively boosting your sales and profits.

The CRM solution can also help you improve the organization of your workplace. The mobile version of the software will keep your employees in the loop and enable them to quickly execute tasks, without missing any deadlines.