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CRM for Call Centers

Handling business phone calls with customers was never easy. Firstly, because it requires a great deal of concentration in order not to lose the context of the conversation. Secondly, because the employees often do not have enough time to formulate the right answers for the customers.

However, technologies are constantly evolving and today there are a number of ways to automate at least some call center routines. A CRM system accompanied by VoIP integration is definitely one of the best tools that allow companies to revolutionize the work of their call centers.

The call center CRM is primarily aimed at improving the productivity of call center employees and providing a world-class experience to customers. By unifying the customer’s history with your organization, the platform facilitates building a seamless communication path and improves the entire customer journey.

Without further ado, let’s uncover the benefits of CRM in tandem with telephony integration for your call center department.

CRM centralizes customer data

As a rule, call centers are the departments that handle both sales and support calls with current and potential customers. What it essentially means is that this department receives, processes and transmits large volumes of customer information on a daily basis. The CRM platform helps not only to centralize this data, but also provides call centers agents with the rapid access to customer information needed to resolve the issue or answer the question.

Equipped with the automatic caller identification feature, the CRM solution helps speed up the work process and greatly improves the customer experience, resulting in more positive feedback and higher conversion rates. As a result, customers don’t get annoyed because of having to repeat their names every time they call, and they don’t have to wait for the agent to find the details of previous interactions.

CRM allows measuring call center effectiveness

Keeping track of key call-related metrics is essential for knowing the strong and weak points of your call center. The CRM system logs the information about all inbound and outbound calls, their duration and results. This data can be used to generate analytical insights into the performance of individual agents and entire teams, the prevailing type of calls, the average call number and duration, etc.

Call Center Dashboards

CRM improves call management

Another advantage of CRM systems for call centers lies in the ability to automate a wide range of call management processes. The software can automatically schedule outbound calls, based on some preset conditions, for example, if your agents missed a few calls from clients. If there are too many calls, customers may also use voicemail to ask their questions, and the system will allow agents to listen to voice messages and respond to them later. On top of that, CRM streamlines the call distribution process and makes the collaboration within the call center team more efficient.

CRM enhances customer experience

With VoIP integration, CRM systems allow businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. By providing instant access to the history of interactions, call notes and call recordings, the software enables employees to see the bigger picture. It helps not only to reduce the call handle times, but as well to find an individual approach to each customer. In other words, the CRM platform allows agents to personalize communication and provide fast and timely responses, thus making your customers feel appreciated and valued.

CRM facilitates cross-department collaboration

Customers may call for various reasons, starting from simple sales inquiries or asking to send an invoice to voicing serious complaints and requesting help. To be able to handle all the possible types of issues, call center agents need to efficiently collaborate with sales, marketing and support teams. The CRM systems create a perfect environment for such collaboration. It provides the ability to discuss the customer issues with other teams quickly and enables each department instant, real-time access to the relevant information.

Call Center Client

Modern customers expect from businesses timely support and excellent service across all possible channels – be it website forms, email, chats in social media or phone calls. With the growth of a customer database, it becomes close to impossible to handle customer inquiries efficiently, especially if all of these channels do not communicate with each other. The CRM system with VoIP integration can unify your communication channels into one tool. The software provides employees with instant access to the relevant data on a single screen. All of that boosts the efficiency of your employees, improves customer satisfaction and decreases churn rates.

VoIP extension

For call centers we offer our official VoIP extension. It integrates EspoCRM with popular IP telephony services. The extension allows users to see incoming calls in a popup window with the information about caller, see outgoing calls, have a quick access to the caller history.

Interested in making your business more efficient? Let’s do it together with EspoCRM!