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Call Center CRM

Thanks to recent technology, businesses now have various new methods for communicating with their clients, such as via social networks of email newsletters. Nevertheless, the good old call centers remain one of the most effective ways to reach your loyal customers or attract new potential clients.

However, without automation of at least some of the tasks, such departments simply cannot compete with other modes of communication. Outbound dialing systems and IVR, as well as speech analytics tool have been around for quite some time, but if you truly want to revolutionize your call center, consider integrating a CRM system. Apart from improving the efficiency and speed of communication, it also makes your workplace far more productive.

The main benefit of the CRM system is that it utilizes a single database, which stores all the customer-related information you need. This function, combined with the automatic caller identification feature, helps speed up the work process and greatly improves the customer experience, resulting in more positive feedback and higher conversion rates.

Integrating a CRM system can also greatly improve your customer service. In case of a complaint, the database can quickly analyses the situation and provide an adequate solution. This is a more cost-effective solution than a human operator and can help you cut down on your expenses or relocate your best employees to other more complex tasks. What this essentially means is that, instead of wasting time searching for the problem, the operator can quickly provide a suitable solution with just a few clicks.

What’s more, the CRM system is also very effective, when dealing with outgoing calls. It also reduces the effort and time you put in manually logging every call your call center makes by automating the entire process. In addition, it also reduces the risk of human error and improves the productivity and efficiency of your employees by providing them with scripts, created beforehand. Since all the information you need is stored within the CRM database, accessing it is easier than ever and can greatly increase the effectiveness of the calls.

VoIP extension

For call centers we offer our official VoIP extension. It integrates EspoCRM with popular IP telephony services. The extension allows users to see incoming calls in a popup window with the information about caller, see outgoing calls, have a quick access to the caller history.