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Сommon questions

How can I get a discount for Advanced Pack?

You can get an additional 30% discount if you buy two or more Advanced Pack versions.

Can I install Advanced Pack on a test (dev) server?

Yes, you can install two copies of Advanced Pack, one for production and one for development server.

What should I do if I want to resell Advanced Pack?

There is no resell program, but we allow to do this if each copy of Advanced Pack was bought from our web site. Advanced Pack includes unique ID. It is strictly restricted to install one Advanced Pack license for multiple customers or provide any SaaS solutions.

If you contact us, we can provide 30% discount for next licenses.

Do I need to pay for the Advanced Pack extension when installing it to different companies/clients?

Yes, you are required to pay for the Advanced Pack extension for each new company/client. The license allows you to install the software for one company/client only.

Should I pay for License every year?

No, you shouldn’t, but if you want to get updates and bug fixes, then you need to pay annual subscription.

How can I update Advanced Pack?

When you bought Advanced Pack, you get an access to the customer portal. You can download the newest Advanced Pack version from the customer portal and then just install it in EspoCRM Administration » Extensions.

Do I have to buy another Advanced Pack extension if I want to move the system to the other server?

Advanced Pack license can be active only on one production server. You can move your Advanced Pack license from one server to another, but it is necessary to delete it from the server you are not using anymore.