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Outlook Calendar (Office 365) Sync

Outlook Calendar Sync is available in the extension. Compatible with EspoCRM 5.6.3 and higher.

Three modes of sync are supported:

  • Outlook to EspoCRM
  • EspoCRM to Outlook
  • Both

Meetings, Calls, custom entities of Event type can be synced from EspoCRM to Outlook.

Attendees are synced from Outlook to EspoCRM as Contacts, Leads, and Users.

Attendees are not synced from EspoCRM to Outlook.

Outlook recurring activities are not synced to EspoCRM.

Setting up for administrator

In EspoCRM, you need to setup Outlook integration at Administration > Integrations > Outlook.

1. Create an application at aad.portal.azure.com, follow Azure Active Directory > App registration.

Specify redirect URI (copy it from EspoCRM).

2. Copy Application (client) ID from Azure app to EspoCRM.

3. Create a secret for Azure app. Copy it to EspoCRM.

4. Save Outlook integration credentials in EspoCRM.

Setting up for users

In EspoCRM, go to your user’s profile (top-bar menu > click on your user name). Then go to External Accounts (the button in the top-right corner), select Outlook.

Connect to your Outlook account. Configure sync parameters. Click Save.

Access control

The administrator can grant or restrict an access to Outlook Calendar sync with Roles, by enabling or disabling Outlook Calendar scope.

Sync scheduling

Sync is run by the scheduled job ‘Outlook Calendar Sync’. By default it executes every 10 minutes. You can change a scheduling at Administration > Scheduled Jobs > Outlook Calendar Sync.


Check whether the scheduled job is running Administration > Scheduled Jobs > Outlook Calendar Sync > Log.

Check EspoCRM log at data/logs directory. You can also set the log mode to ‘INFO’ level to obtain more info from the log.