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Advanced Pack Release Notes


  • Workflows: UI improvements of conditions and actions.
  • Workflows: Create Notification action: Support recipient from has-many relations.
  • Workflows: Create Record action: Ability to set event duration.
  • Reports: Grid: Support column expressions with belong-to links (e.g. account.name).


  • Drop PHP 7.4 support. PHP 8.0 is min supported.
  • Reports: Shortcut key Ctrl+Enter to run a report.
  • Workflows: Trigger another Workflow for multiple related records (one-to-many and many-to-many relationships).


  • Workflows: Ability to disable confirmation dialog for manual workflows.



  • Signal parameters for @relate@unrelate@eventAccepted signals. The ability to access a foreign ID in formula.
  • Showing explanation text for Scheduling.
  • Ability to specify a confirmation text for manual-trigger workflows.
  • Fixed issue that stream notes and notifications were by-passed for Apply Assignment Rule.


  • Refreshing a flowchart with WebSocket on the Process detail view.


  • Reports: Ability to use complex expression columns in Grid reports.
  • Reports: Ability to specify decimal places for Grid report columns.


  • Minimal supported EspoCRM version now is 7.0.
  • The Reports backend was completely rewritten to meet higher standards and utilize new Espo frameworks.
  • A few minor bugs in Reports were fixed.
  • The extension was moved to the custom directory.



  • Send HTTP Request: Ability to take payload from a formula variable.
  • Send HTTP Request: Increased max length of headers.
  • Send HTTP Request: Fixed application/x-www-form-urlencoded payload.


  • Supporting custom entity types in Sync Target Lists with Reports.



  • Added activity compensation support.
  • Uncaught errors now are propagated to the parent process. The process, in which the error occurred, is terminated.
  • Ability to reactivate ended processes. After reactivation, the flow can be manually resumed from a specific node.
  • Ability to view process variables.
  • Ability to view a caught exception message in the flow log.
  • Ability to obtain a caught error code & message with formula functions bpm\caughtErrorCode()bpm\caughtErrorMessage().
  • Regular users now are able to view process log.


  • Workflow: Fixed least-busy assignment rule.
  • Reports: Support link-one fields in list reports.


  • Reports: Apply ACL automatically checked when a user doesn’t have access to the Apply ACL field.
  • Reports: Bug-fix: Grouping by fiscal year not working.


  • Workflows/BPM: Ability to apply default time zone to scheduling.


Features & improvements:

  • Workflows: Manually started workflows;
  • Workflows: Categories, ability to group workflow rules into folders.


  • Reports: Report with radar chart can’t be created;
  • Reports: Group total not printed if no aggregated columns.


  • Fixed round-robin issue with duplicated workflows & BPM processes.


  • Workflows: Date-time-optional fields support in conditions.


  • Bug-fix: Not correct order in some grid reports grouped by 2 columns.


  • Bug-fix: Can’t run BPM Process manually in v7.2.


  • Workflow: Fixed issue that a wrong user passed to an email template.


  • Reports: Support of multi-enum fields in grid report columns.



  • Ability to define sub-process target by formula expression;
  • Multi-instance sub-processes.


  • Reports: Radar chart;
  • Reports: Decimal Places parameter support on UI;
  • BPM: Dark theme support.



  • Ability to catch HTTP response error code with boundary error event improvement;
  • v7.0 compatibility fix.


  • Passing parent record to email template;
  • workflow\lastHttpResponseBody function.


  • Supporting @relate@unrelate object signals for all relationship types.
  • Broadcasting object signals with formula.


  • Compatibility with EspoCRM v7.0.


  • Bug-fix: Round-Robin assignment not working for existing records.
  • Bug-fix: Variables not being transferred between actions in some cases.


  • Workflows: Supporting the checklist field type in conditions.


  • Workflows: Memory usage optimization for scheduled workflows.
  • Reports: Fixed list reports with having filters.



  • Added the formula function bpm\broadcastSignal. It can be useful to broadcast a custom signal from a worfklow rule and then catch it inside a running process. Example: bpm\broadcastSignal($signalNameStoredInVariable).



  • The ability to display records in grid reports (when grouped by 0 or 1 column; not supported in export).
  • The ability to display results table on dashlets and report panels.


  • The ability to send and catch unique URLs. See here.



  • Fixed a bug that variables not being passed from between actions.


  • Change: Variables defined within Update Record actions won’t be passed back to the process. Use Execute Formula Script to define variables.



  • Supporting foreign Currency Converted fields in list report columns.
  • Supporting negative values.



  • Supporting image fields in Print-to-PDF.



  • The ability to define what columns to display on a chart (if multiple column is selected for a report).
  • Supporting the currency format ’10 $’ (added in v6.0.4).



  • Send HTTP Request: Added support of PATCH, DELETE, GET methods.
  • Send HTTP Request: Added support of placeholders in a request URL.
  • Formula variables passing from action to action. The ability to use variables defined in a previous action of the same workflow rule.
  • Send HTTP Request: A response body is stored in _lastHttpResponseBody variable. Can be accessed in following actions. JSON attributes can be retrieved with a new function json\retrieve (added in v6.0.0). See in the documentation.
  • New ‘Execute Formula Script’ action.


  • Added ‘Auto-refresh’ option for the report dashlet.


  • French language added.


  • Workflows: Send HTTP Request: Ability to use payload placeholders not inside string. Supporting array, integer and float values. Example: {"teamsIds": {$teamsIds}}.


  • Workflows: Sent emails (that are stored in CRM) gets assigned to teams of teams of an email template.
  • BPM: Sent emails (that are stored in CRM) gets assigned to teams of a process.



  • BPM: Event sub-process is triggered if the parent is a sub-process.
  • Reports: Dashlet total value can be overflown if text is long.


  • BPM: Supporting process variables in ‘Create Notification’ action with the placeholder {$$variable}.


  • Workflows: Fixed bug when copying an attachment-multiple field and there are other fields of that type.
  • Workflows: Fixed bug that formula executed twice in Update Record action.
  • Reports: Improved UI for specifying complex expressions in Group By.


  • Spanish language added.



  • ‘Export Only’ parameter for columns of list reports. Columns won’t be displayed in report results in EspoCRM, but available in export.
  • Support Currency Converted fields in complex expressions.
  • Ability to flip table in PDF with flip=true attribute.
  • Ability to group by foreign fields through one-to-one relation.
  • Ability to aggregate by foreign fields.
  • Fixed bug that array fields not exported to PDF and an email.


  • Formula function to start a process: bpm\startProcess(FLOWCHART_ID, TARGET_TYPE, TARGET_ID).



  • Ability to print to PDF (EspoCRM 5.8.0 and later).


  • Ability to use Campaign Tracking URLs in an email body (a click can be caught with a signal event).
  • Ability to start process from a record detail view (EspoCRM 5.8.0 and later).


  • Attachment-Multiple fields support in conditions.
  • Contains & Not Contains comparisons in conditions.



  • Added ‘type of’ condition for Link-Parent fields.


  • Ability to use variables in Send Message when specifying recipient’s email address.



  • Added ‘Call Activity’, ‘Sub-Process’, ‘Event Sub-Process’ elements.
  • Added ‘Error’, ‘Escalation’, ‘Signal’, ‘Message’ events.
  • Added boundary events, attachable to activities.
  • Visualization of process flow. Highlighting completed and active processed nodes with colors.
  • Ability to manually interrupt & reject flow nodes.
  • Ability to manually start flow from any node.
  • Ability to start process with Workflow action.
  • Ability to use process variable placeholders in the email template of Send Message Task.
  • User Task: Ability to use placeholders in a name.
  • User Task: Ability to specify instructions text for a user.
  • User Task: Ability to specify different target record.
  • Send Message Task: Ability to add opt-out link.


  • New ‘Signal’ trigger type. Allows to catch various events occurred in CRM.
  • New ‘Send HTTP Request’ action.
  • Send Email: Ability to add opt-out link.
  • Send Email: Using matching group email account when sending from a specific address.
  • Added ‘Send in Email’ service action for Quote/Sales Order/Invoice entity types.
  • Added ‘Convert Currency’ service action for Quote/Sales Order/Invoice entity types.
  • Added ‘Opt-out’ service action for Contact/Lead/Account entity types.
  • Added ‘Generate Password’ service action for User entity type.


  • Workflows: Ability to trigger another workflow with another target.
  • BPM: Ability to trigger a sequential workflow from a process.
  • Bug-fixes.


  • Workflows: Fixed double execution after scheduling change.


  • Workflows: ‘After record updated’ trigger type added.


  • Reports: Ability to display non-summary columns when grouped by link.
  • Reports: Showing total values for the second grouping.


  • Reports: New ‘Joint Grid’ report type. Ability to combine multiple grid reports of different entity types into one report.
  • Reports: Grid reports w/o grouping. Showing totals only.
  • Reports: Multiple summary columns on the same chart (Bar and Line).
  • Reports: Multiple totals on one dashlet.
  • Reports: Charts with a large number of data can be zoomed and dragged horizontally.
  • Reports: Chart elements on report panels are clickable, showing a list of records.
  • Reports: Option to use SI multiplier for total values on Report dashlet.


  • Reports: Bar Grouped Vertical and Bar Grouped Horizontal chart types for reports with grouping by two columns.
  • Reports: Ability to use complex expressions in group by (for EspoCRM 5.6.0 and later).
  • Reports: Ability to use custom complex expressions in filters (for EspoCRM 5.6.0 and later).
  • Reports: Separate page showing report in full width (for EspoCRM 5.6.0 and later).
  • Reports: IN group filter (for EspoCRM 5.6.0 and later).
  • Reports: Color pickers for bar chart when grouping by two columns.
  • Reports: Ability to control access to specific reports for portals.
  • Reports: Report with runtime filters automatically run on opening.


  • Splitting: Now Advanced Pack contains only Reports, Workflows and BPM.


  • Reports: Click on chart elements shows sub-report (only 1-level depth reports).
  • Reports: Grid: Ability to add foreign columns (currency, int, float) when grouped by a link field (for EspoCRM 5.6.0 and greater).
  • Reports: Grid: Ability to show sub-report for 2nd grouping.


  • Reports: Ability to group by fiscal quarter.


  • Reports: Ability to group by ID in Grid reports.


  • Reports: Grouping by quarter (for EspoCRM 5.5.0 and greater).
  • Reports: Grouping by fiscal year (for EspoCRM 5.5.0 and greater).
  • Quotes: Number field now is auto-increment (can be disabled via Entity Manager).
  • Bug fixes.


  • Italian language.


  • Workflow: Ability to specify values for array/multi-enum fields w/o options in conditions.


  • Quotes: Ability to customize layout of items on the Quote detail view.
  • Quotes: Ability to customize layout of bottom line fields on the Quote detail view.
  • Quotes: Ability to specify discount rate for line items.
  • Opportunities: Ability to customize layout of items on the Opportunity detail view.


  • Report Filters: Ability to use reports as filters in a list view (for EspoCRM 5.1.0 and greater).
  • Report Panels: Ability to show reports for a specific record in a panel on the detail view (for EspoCRM 5.1.0 and greater).
  • Reports: Having filters support (for EspoCRM 5.1.0 and greater).
  • Reports: Supporting related fields of Link type as columns in list reports.
  • Report: Ability to apply ACL for grid reports.


  • Reports: Ability to display total on dashlets for grid reports.
  • Reports: Appearance improvements of charts.


  • Reports: Supporting Link-Multiple fields as columns in list reports.
  • Opportunity Items: Ability to customize entity.


  • Quotes: Fixed mass update.


  • Reports: Added categories (folders).
  • Quotes: An email gets related to an opportunity if a quote has an opportunity.


  • Business Process Management tool.
  • Workflow: Ability to send event invitations through service action.
  • Workflow: Ability to add quote items through service action.


  • Workflows: Ability to create notifications to users related to records that are related to the target record.


  • Workflow: Ability to add conditions on fields of related records.
  • Workflow: Ability to use from/to address of persons of related records in Send Email action.
  • Workflow: Ability to send emails to followers of the related record.
  • Workflow: Added condition ‘Not Changed’.
  • Google Calendar Sync: Ability to sync custom entities of the event type.


  • Workflow: Ability to send email to persons linked through Link Multiple field.
  • Workflow: Ability to send a reply on another email with Send Email action.
  • Report: Color Picker for Chart Color field (w/ EspoCRM version 4.8.1 and greater).


  • Workflows: Ability to specify Reply-To address in Send Email action.
  • Workflows: Supporting parent relationship type in Update Related Entity action.
  • Report: Supporting address fields in list report columns.
  • Report: Supporting grouping by week.
  • Report: Supporting WEEK function in complex expressions.


  • Workflow: The ability to link the created entity with the target entity in Create Entity action.
  • Workflow: Supporting many-to-one relationships in ‘Create Related Entity’ action.
  • Product Category and Product Brand entity types now are customizable.


  • Bug fixed: Not working Quote Item re-ordering.


  • Report: Ability to export grid report results to Excel.
  • Report: Ability to send report results in email.
  • Report: Excel file is attached in email when report being sent.
  • Report: Fixed AVG and MIN functions in total.
  • Workflow: Added Note entity support.
  • MailChimp: Ability to map fields for sync.


  • Report: Ability to specify complex expression with functions as a filter (only with EspoCRM 4.7.0 and greater).
  • Report: Supporting foreign date, datetime and image fields as columns in list reports.
  • Workflow: Fixed not properly working conditions w/ Link Multiple fields.


  • Report: Not operator in filters (only with EspoCRM 4.7.0 and greater).
  • Report: Supporting foreign fields in export of list reports (only with EspoCRM 4.7.0 and greater).
  • Report: Fixed not working File and Image fields in list reports.
  • Workflow: Fixed bug that email being sent twice on assignment rule.
  • Workflow: Fixed ‘Create Related Entity’ action for tasks, meetings, calls being created from account.
  • Workflow: Fixed not properly working today condition.


  • Report: Ability to use filters by Link Multiple fields in nested OR, AND statements (only with EspoCRM 4.6.0 or greater).


  • Minor bugs fixed.


  • Google Calendar Sync: Ability not to sync attendees.


  • Quotes: Ability to add custom fields for quote items.
  • Bug fixing in MailChimp integration.


  • Workflow: Ability to define condition as a formula.
  • Workflow: Ability to define formula for entities being created or updated.


  • Switched to the new MailChimp API.
  • Default Quote Template is filled when create.


  • Quote: Ability to print discount for each item in pdf.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


  • Google sync account settings UI improvements.


  • Workflows: New actions ‘Link with Another Entity’ and ‘Unlink from Another Entity’ added.


  • Workflows: Send Email now uses user’s SMTP for sending from current user and assigned user;
  • Workflows: Added an option “To Specified Contacts” for Send Email action;
  • Workflows: Fixed a bug with read only fields;
  • Workflows: Fixed a bug with line items of Opportunity;


New features:

  • Google Contacts integration. User can push contacts and leads from EspoCRM to Google Contacts.
  • Workflow: Ability to update related entities for many-to-many, one-to-many relationships.
  • Workflow: Ability to send email from system address.
  • Workflow: Ability to send email to parent record.
  • Workflow: ‘Campaign Log Record’ entity type support.
  • Workflow: Ability not to store sent emails.
  • Workflow: Ability to specify users to send email to.
  • Workflow: Ability to send email from System email address.


  • Report: Added support of group by Parent fields.
  • Bug: Fixed issue of not working list reports with parent field in columns.


  • Workflow: ‘Apply Assignment Rule’ action added. Round-Robin and Least-Busy rules are available.
  • Reports: Ability to use OR and AND operators in filters.
  • Reports: ‘Display Only Total’ option for report dashlet. Large text that is convenient for a quick reference.


  • Workflow: Log panel allowing to monitor what records were processed by certain workflow.


  • Reports: List report layout became more adjustable.
  • Reports: Order can be specified for list reports.
  • Quotes: Added description field for quote items and opportunity items.
  • Products: Added weight field. Can be used in quote template.


  • Workflow: Sequential workflows.
  • Workflow: Scheduled workflows.
  • Workflow: Ability to setup workflow rule only for portal.
  • Workflow: Delay can be defined in hours and minutes.
  • Reports: Ability to use fields from a linked record as columns in list reports.


  • Reports: Ability to setup colors for charts.


  • Quotes: Send quote PDF in email attachment (compatible with EspoCRM 4.0.0 and greater).
  • Workflow: Send email to followers and teams.
  • Workflow: Create notification for followers and teams.


  • Reports: The ability to filter by children link (e.g. emails of lead).
  • Workflow: Ability to specify value of link multiple fields in conditions.