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Layout Manager

Layout Manager is available in administration panel. It provides an ability to customize appearance of detail, edit, list views as well as search filters and fields for mass-update forms.


The main layout for the list view. It defines columns and their parameters.


Available parameters for columns are listed below.

Width (%)

Width of column in percent, empty means auto-width.

If checked, then a field value will be displayed as a link pointing to the detail view of the record. Usually, it is used for Name fields.

Not Sortable

Disables an ability to sort the column.


Align the column to the left or to the right.


The main layout for the detail view and the edit view. It defines panels, rows and cells. Cells contain fields.

The row can contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 cells. To add a row with single cell, you need to add a new row and click on a minus sign on any cell.


For panels it's possible to specify a label, color (style) and conditions making a panel visible (since version 5.2.6).

List (Small)

The list layout for relationship panels. Also, it can be used in other places where it's reasonable to display lists in the narrow view.

Detail (Small)

The detail view for quick create, quick view and quick edit forms.

Search Filters

The list of fields available in the list view to search by.

Mass Update

The list of fields available in the Mass Update form.

Relationship Panels

The list of relationship panels displayed on the detail view at the bottom. Panels can be re-ordered. It's possible to define the color of panel with the Style parameter.

Side Panels

Side panels for Detail, Edit, Detail Small, Edit Small forms. Provides an ability to hide or re-order panels list Activities, History, Tasks and others. Panels can be colorized by the Style parameter.


Available for entity types with the enabled Kanban view.

Side Panel Fields

List of fields displayed in the top side panel. By default there are Assinged User and Teams fields.

Additional Layouts

Some entity types contain additional layouts: Convert Lead, List for Account.