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Create a Hook

To create a hook, you need to:

  • create a file custom/Espo/Custom/Hooks/{EntityName}/{HookName}.php;
  • declare hook type action;
  • clear Cache in Administration.

Hook Types

The main hook types are:

  • beforeSave;
  • afterSave;
  • beforeRemove;
  • afterRemove;
  • afterRelate;
  • afterUnrelate;
  • afterMassRelate.

New Hook Type

You can use your own hook type and trigger it with

$this->getEntityManager()->getHookManager()->process($entityType, $hookType, $entity, $options);.

Hook Order

If you have several hooks, related to one Entity Type and with the same hook type, and running order is important, you can set a public static $order property in an integer value.

Ascending order - the hook with the smallest order number runs first.


This example sets Account Name for new Leads, if it is not set.


namespace Espo\Custom\Hooks\Lead;

use Espo\ORM\Entity;

class AccountName extends \Espo\Core\Hooks\Base
    public function beforeSave(Entity $entity, array $options = array())
        if ($entity->isNew() && !$entity->get('accountName')) { 
            $entity->set("accountName", "No Account");

Global Hooks

If you need to apply a hook for all entities, you can use common hooks. To do this, put your hook class in Common directory, e.g. custom/Espo/Custom/Hooks/Common/{HookName}.php.