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Sync EspoCRM with 80+ apps!

Since you’re a savvy EspoCRM user, I’m willing to make the bet you’re also using a couple of other SaaS cloud apps, maybe one for email marketing, another for marketing automation, and probably one for invoicing. All of these apps combined work together as an app ecosystem. But a big problem that many businesses run into is that these apps very rarely talk to each other. You can’t easily send customer data from EspoCRM to the invoicing app, or marketing qualified leads from your marketing automation app into EspoCRM.

This means a huge amount of manual labor for your employees. A lot of businesses run a weekly import/export, or they try and rig up ad-hoc data “zaps” that never truly keep your customer data up to date. But come on, this 2017! Shouldn’t the cloud be making your job easier?

Luckily there is a way that you can automatically synchronize your customer data between the apps in your app ecosystem, thanks to PieSync. PieSync is the glue that holds your apps together, creating a transparent tunnel through which your customer data flows. With PieSync you can sync up 80+ cloud apps with EspoCRM.

Here are all the apps you can sync with EspoCRM:

Benefits of Syncing

No more data entry

Your customer data only has to get into the system once. This could be through webforms; emails, or manual input. Once it is in the system PieSync ensures that each contact is synced to the apps you have connected, following the syncing “rules” you have configured.

Build a 360° Customer View

Because your data is consolidated across apps, your team has a complete 360° on all of your customers, right from their first point of contact, to post-sales follow ups.

Build your own SaaS Stack

You have the power to choose which apps you’d like to work with. If you decide to switch to another one, no problem! Just unplug it from the stack and plug the new one in.

Increase profits

Studies show that businesses who take the time to consolidate their data across departments see an average of 15% increase in profits. This makes sense when you think about it because your team no longer have to waste their time double checking information, they can get on with their jobs.